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I raise and show USBGA/ABGA Boer Meat Goats and MDGA Miniature Lamanchas!

 My Horse Program

 Here at Shadowbrook Acres I buy, raise, breed, and show quality Paint and Quarter horses. I have been around horses since I was 8, and started to breed them in 2002. My mares are carefully bred and bought for amazing conformation, willing attitudes, soundness, and yes color! I only have a few select horses on my place due to the fact there aren’t many horses with both color, great structure, and smart minds. My horses are not just broodmares. They are trained and used in the discipline they do best in. The main focus of my breeding and training program are reining/cow bred and trail horses, but I also do and have done halter, posse, and other fun horse disciplines. 


Horse Training

I train horses using Natural Horsemanship Techniques and have been training horses since 2007. I work with just about all breeds and any gender (mares, geldings, or stallions). My specialty is gaining that sought after respect both on the ground and in the saddle. From ground work such as leading, loading, picking up their feet, standing tied, and even bathing to riding under saddle. I focus training respectful horses that search and strive to please, whether they are to be a kids trail pony or a future star in the show ring. My goal is to teach a solid foundation for them to continue on in their future carriers. I have a friend that lets me have all access to her indoor arena, I go out on trial rides, and even cattle drives.

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Feel free to email me at I am located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

 Idaho Falls, Idaho

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