Shadowbrook Acres Horses

Those who left hoof prints on our hearts...


Two Eyed Sunshine
APHA (747489)
Tovero Mare

A In September of 2014 Tally became terribly ill with Potomic Fever. After being treated by a vet she did not improve. When a week passed and she started to grow worse, we took her back to the vet to run some tests. We discovered Tally had many more problems on top of getting the Potomic Fever. The vet did not see Tally surviving treatment let alone recovering. He was also concerned with all that was wrong that she may have had something much more severe going on as well. It was a hard decision, but Tally did not need to continue to suffer. I am so lucky to have been blessed to call her my girl that amazing spring and summer in 2014. I am going to miss her terribly.


3/4 Belgian (1996)
Sorrel with Flaxen Mane and Tail Mare