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East Acres Little Annie

 AMHR 201424B Dun Overo Pinto Mare

 Annie is a true Zebra Dun with a full dorsal plus all other required marking and parentage to be a true Dun, she carries Splash and Overo, she has blue in her eye's and passes that on to her foals. She is 36 inches tall.

Below are a few foals out of Annie




2010 Pinto Donkey

 I am so excited to start a new adventure with the long ears! Sara is a pretty sweet and really quiet miniature donkey. I plan to cross her with my miniature horse stud to produce mini hinnies. 

Below is a foal out of Sara



2014 Grulla Colt

Voodoo is not a mare, but I could not help but keep him. His dam is Annie and sire is Bo. He loves attention and is just so smart and willing to learn. He has been gelded and will start training him to cart when he is older. I also would like to train him under saddle for our son who blessed us on Feb 18, 2015. Plenty of time for Voodoo to grow and learn. :)

My Miniature Stallion-SOLD


Ott's Mr. Bojangles (Bojangles)

Date Foaled:

March 15, 2003








Silver Buckskin Appaloosa



Reg. Number:


Stud Fee: 


 Horse Skills
or Potential:

  • Cart Prospect
  • Halter Prospect
  • Jumping Prospect

About My Boy:

Bojangles came to the gem state from Montana! I believe he is a Silver Buckskin (not tested) appaloosa stallion. He is at stud to the public! Bo an amazing non stallion like temperament! I usually bring children out and he is the mini I introduce to them. Bo is gentle and so willing. I can throw a saddle on him, ground drive him (maybe one day we can find a harness and cart him), or take him for walks around the river. He is just so easy going. He has a buckskin daughter who was shown in 2010 in Billings, MT and won Supreme Champion Over All Mares, geldings, and stallions! Bo throws gorgeous quality foals as well as color, both pintos and appys to buckskins and blacks. I currently have a grulla colt by him on site that I plan to geld and train to be a kids pony.

Ott's Mr. Bojangles Bloodlines 

Sire: Go Shadow Dancer

(Palomino [Possible Champagne] Appy Miniature) 

Hidden Meadows King of Siam(Miniature)


(Black Leopard Falabella Miniature)



Webers Delight




 Trios Sassy Cat 


Bond Humdinger

(Buckskin Miniature)

Bond Sir Galahad

(Black Tobiano)


Bond Agnes


Starlites Freckles



 Dam: Philcos Plenty Stars

(Bay Appy)























Rehs Unique Sombrero

(Bay Miniature Appy)

Toyland Little Sombrero


 Toyland Zodiac

(Black Appy) 

 Toyland Tiara Mist

Rehs Rollback Rosebud

(Bay Miniature)

  Bond Rollback

Trios Tammy

Philcos Pammie Q


Komokos Sir Arrogance

(Bay Miniature)

Komokos Moon Man

(Sorrel Pinto) 

Komokos Frosty Rose 

Who Done It QT



Just having some fun with my kids saddle on Bo. LOL


Just a few of Bojangles Get

2 year old varnish black filly being driven by children.

Weanling grulla colt

Brown Tobiano Filly


Here is a buckskin pinto daughter by Bojangles. Clementine was shown last year in 2010 in Billings and won supreme champion over all mares, geldings, and stallions!


A Gelding by Bojangles


A filly by Bojangles