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Over the years I have taken horses, given them the care they needed, and then rehomed them. I do not take them on to make money. After all when you think about the feed, hoof care, dewormers, vaccinations, and time put into helping horses in need... Well simply you end up doing it to give that horse a better life. Below are some horses I have been blessed to work with.

Not all horses who come to me are rescue type cases. Simply the owner no longer found time for them.


This mare is an Appendix Quarter horse. The owners had done all her ground work, but Macie was ready to be started. Macie had some really nice race horse lines but she HATED running. She would buck every time she was asked to canter. After two months of training she learned to move into a canter without her fits. She now happily lives in Arimo, ID.

Do you have a horse you desperately want to have a brighter future? Perhaps you can't afford to care for your beloved horse. Maybe they have some naughty habits or are even on the dangerous side? Shoot me an email! I love working with horses of any breed using Natural Horsemanship Techniques such as what Clinton Anderson uses, with a women's touch. ;) Your beloved horse will not go without daily love and basic care.

I am not looking to buy, sorry must be free
Prefer young, 3 years of age being perfect but will consider any age
100% sound ONLY (both mentally and physically)
Papers and color would be great but not a must
Any breed welcome
I prefer at least 14 hands or taller

I plan to give a horse some good miles on them from trial riding, arena work, packing, and so on. I then do plan to resale to make back what feed, wormer, hoof care, and so on that is put into the horse. Not looking to make money, especially with the horse market the way it is. I am just looking to fill some time and do what I love. If you have any prospects shoot me an email. I am not a kill buyer and will not sell the horse for meat, no matter what. You are more then welcome to come look at my own personal horses and what care they receive.

Email me at 

Book a Foal!

If you go to my APHA/AQHA or Miniature mares page you can choose a mare to be bred to my APHA stallion, SAB BootSkootin Boogie or Im Just a De Coy, or Ott's Mr. Bojangles . On your part you will pay $100 a month for 10 months of the pregnancy (a horse is pregnant for 11 months). After the foal is born you will continue to pay an additional $100 a month for 5 months till foal is weaned. The total will be $1500 buy weaning time.

I will take the mare to the vet (not a miniatrue, they are just too small) and have her checked if she is in foal, after you pay a non refundable $100. I will be responsible for mare’s care such as feed, hoof, vaccinations, worming, and so on. When the foal is born I will teach it the basics such as halter break it, train it to pick up its feet, train it to load a trailer, and so on. If for any reason the mare does not get bred, loses the foal, or the foal dies, you will have a few choices. We can rebreed her, breed a replacement, or you will be given free breedings to my stallions.

Email me with any questions you have.